Shutterstock offers photographers a new payment model

Stock photo agency Shutterstock has announced a new billing model for photographers that is drawing harsh criticism from stakeholders. The new pricing model provides for a graduated percentage of revenue share. Until now, Shutterstock has paid out fixed amounts per image download. The creators of the photos and graphics are now afraid that their income will be significantly reduced by the new percentage model.

The revenue that photographers can make from selling their images through a stock agency is negligible anyway. In general, to achieve revenue in the higher range, a picture must be sold very often. Currently, Shutterstock, for example, states that for downloading an image (without an extended license), a vendor receives $0.25 to $2.85. The higher the total revenue of a photographer, the higher also the debris per download.

Photographers criticize pricing policy

From Shutterstock’s point of view, this should now be because of "Market changes in terms of creative content" and for reasons of "fairness" be changed. The billing model is expected to be updated in the coming weeks, according to the publicly traded company. According to an email sent to photographers, the new system includes six tiers: At the lowest tier, 85 percent of revenue goes to Shutterstock and 15 percent is paid to the photographer.

For 148 shots at an escapee there was a demand and a wristwatch as a Sachpramie. The dogs in the death strip had names like Arras von der Wasserstrabe and Quinte von der Teufelswand and one of their masters, according to his personnel file "strong sadistic tendencies". Notes and file notes from the long-secret archive legacy of the GDR border troops. They are now documented in an equally detailed and historically meritorious two-volume text-photo edition by author Annett Groschner and photographer Arwed Messmer (Inventory of Power. The Berlin Wall from another point of view, Hatje Cantz Verlag).

Gdr border troops with the camera: the berlin wall from another point of view
Documentation of the construction of the Wall

They are thus completing a long-term project begun years ago, in conjunction with an exhibition at the Berlin Haus am Kleistpark (until 21. August). Over 1000 panoramas and individual images show the entire course of the Wall around West Berlin, taken with 35mm cameras of GDR border guards. The banality of power, a state takes inventory – of its border and fortification installations. One of the most monstrous buildings of history is built and the builders photographically record the construction phase in all its details and shortcomings of the first provisional fortifications.

With German basicness, the 1961 construction of the wall through Berlin and around the western part in the following years is often amateurishly documented by the GDR border guards with 35mm cameras, in order to keep the border installations always perfected to make. The first watchtowers (out of over 200) resemble shaky, quickly assembled hunting towers. Shelters remind of scout dens or toilet huts, gravestones of a cemetery are converted into stools, wire entanglements remind of trenches of the First World War. Everything was initially included, including railroad embankments, house facades and factory walls.

Lg: first partial success in patent dispute with tcl

South Korean electronics company LG Electronics has won a stage victory in its patent lawsuit against Chinese competitor TCL. As the company announced on Tuesday, in one of the pending cases, the Mannheim Regional Court had already ruled last week that TCL infringed a patent on LTE technology. In other proceedings, one hearing took place in early March, and another is scheduled for May.

Patent EP2627146-B1, which is the subject of the Mannheim proceedings, describes a method for synchronizing an uplink connection in mobile networks. LG has now announced further steps to stop the illegal use of the technology. The ruling is not yet legally binding, however, and TCL has the right to appeal. In addition, proceedings are reportedly still underway at the Federal Patent Court, in which TCL wants to have the disputed patent declared null and void.

Further lawsuits pending

LG had filed its lawsuits against TCL in Mannheim and Dusseldorf in November 2019. The Chinese manufacturer, which also produces smartphones under brands such as TCL and Alcatel, is said to infringe some standard-relevant LTE patents in the process. LG said it had sued for injunctive relief after several attempts to reach a friendly settlement failed.

Patent dispute with nokia: lenovo stops sales in germany

Unpaid licenses for the use of patents around the video codec H.264 become Lenovo’s hangover: Due to an injunction obtained by Nokia, Lenovo must minimize sales in Germany. The manufacturer is currently no longer allowed to sell all devices with a graphics card or graphics unit.

On its own website Lenovo draws attention to its limited product range. Smartphones and PC accessories, such as mice and docking stations, are still available. Desktop PCs, notebooks and tablets can no longer be ordered from the official store. Other merchants continue to sell their inventory, but apparently are not allowed to reorder affected products.

Unfair conditions

As the industry service Bloomberg Nokia has accused Lenovo, the world’s largest PC manufacturer, of not making adequate offers for licenses to use its own hardware.264 patents to be submitted. Lenovo disagrees that Nokia is charging unfairly high fees and not negotiating according to the so-called FRAND (Fair, Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory) model.

Those who manage their Postbank account online and use the BestSign app for this on an iOS device that they update regularly could have a problem: The current versions of the app to 1.6.2 sometimes no longer start under new versions of iOS 13. The splash screen appears as usual for a brief moment and then the app seems to hang. Affected customers will then no longer be able to access their account.

As an alternative login method, Postbank currently offers chipTAN procedures and BestSign with an additional device. Fortunately, anyone who has already activated one of these procedures or has another mobile device with BestSign set up can take heart: If this device is still running an older iOS, then a one-time certificate warning appears, but logging into the account is possible and transactions can be confirmed.

Continuous problem

The first frustrated comments from affected users are now over four weeks old. They date from the end of June. According to Postbank the problems started even in early June. The help given by the developers seemed to be the usual standard: they kept the customers busy, but often did not lead to any solution. When asked about the problem, Postbank stated that the old mobileTAN procedure had even been temporarily activated for affected customers after a case-by-case review.

Microsoft reportedly developing arm cpus for cloud servers and surface computers

Microsoft has apparently formed a group of companies to design its own processor designs using ARM computing cores. This is what the news service reports Bloomberg citing internal sources. According to the report, the CPU group reports to Jason Zander, the head of Microsoft’s Azure cloud division.

Accordingly, the company’s own ARM processors are to be Bloomberg primarily intended for Microsoft’s data centers. But there are also rumors that the experience with ARM CPUs will be used in mobile processors for the Surface division.

Advantage thanks to customized specification

Self-designed chip designs had several advantages compared to "Stangenware" from AMD or Intel: Microsoft could tailor the processors to its own needs, potentially increasing efficiency and lowering costs. Amazon shows with its own Graviton CPUs that this can work well: One-tenth of bookable AWS CPU instances come from Graviton as well as Graviton2 CPUs, which are cheaper than AMD or Intel variants.

Iphone as a car key: apple prepares introduction

In addition to credit cards, Apple’s App Wallet will also manage digital car keys in the future, turning the iPhone into a car key. The long-awaited feature has now been confirmed by the company apparently inadvertently, a corresponding announcement may have been imminent. Wallet allows the "add and share car keys for certain vehicles, as Apple recently", as Apple has recently updated the privacy policy of the Wallet app that comes pre-installed on every iPhone.

Sharing car keys via iMessage

The initial setup of the key is therefore done via the car manufacturer’s app or a "pairing code", with which the iPhone and the vehicle are paired. During the pairing process a "token" along with information about the Apple ID and – if location services are enabled – the user’s current location to Apple to prevent misuse, it says further in the new pas of the privacy policy, which a reader of iPhone had discovered. Apple also does the same when a new credit card is set up for Apple Pay in Wallet. Apple also shares a unique device ID with the vehicle manufacturer when setting up the digital keypad, according to the terms.

Apple also confirms that the digital key can be shared with third parties via iMessage. This information is also forwarded to the manufacturer of the car, "to support the configuration and management of maps for car keys". At the same time, the iPhone manufacturer emphasizes that it will not itself "collect data about the use of the car" such as the time of unlocking and unlocking the car. However, the car manufacturer may already be doing this, says Apple, and refers users to a reading of its privacy policy.

Problems with starliner test flight: nasa tested spacex more accurately than boeing

Before the problematic maiden flight of Boeing’s spacecraft in December, NASA probably had too much confidence in the engineers of the U.S. company and did not look closely enough at important points. This has now been admitted by the US space agency after the detailed analysis of the flight, reports the New York Times.

In light of a decades-long cooperation with Boeing "we may have had fewer people controlling Boeing than colleagues at SpaceX" than colleagues at SpaceX, where the approach to software development is more "more unconventional" the newspaper quotes NASA manager Steve Stich as saying.

Not enough testing

NASA had contracted the two companies in 2014 to each develop a spacecraft that would again carry astronauts from U.S. soil to the International Space Station (ISS). The target at that time was 2017. That didn’t work, but most recently SpaceX had taken off and in May finally brought two astronauts safely to the ISS.

Epic vs. Apple: fortnite apparently earned apple $300 million in commissions

The legal dispute between Epic Games and Apple also gives an insight into how much money can now be made with a single hit game on mobile devices. From its launch in 2018 to its ejection in mid-2020, Fortnite apparently raked in billions on iOS alone: Epic had generated over 700 million US dollars with the game, Apple states in court documents – accordingly, the corporation had to have retained around 300 million US dollars as commission for in-app purchases.

High commission, small marketing spend

On the witness stand at the trial, which is still ongoing, an Apple executive responsible for games in the App Store only confirmed that Fortnite "over 100 million US dollars" the revenue generated, it would be unreasonable to specify the amount of the commission "inappropriate". Apple had spent around $1 million in recent months to promote Fortnite, it hammered in court – considering the high commission, Epic’s lawyers mockingly called it a "good deal".

Apple can automatically deduct 30 percent commission for such in-app purchases in games, because the payment has to be made through its own interface. This was also the draw of the legal dispute: Epic Games wants to handle such in-app purchases itself, Apple prohibits this contractually.

Schleswig-holstein: '2021 will be peak year for wind power''2021 wird spitzenjahr fur windkraft'

Wind power in Schleswig-Holstein headed for strong growth. According to the Ministry of Energy, 311 plants with a total capacity of about 1350 megawatts are about to be put into operation. In the first half of the year, 90 new plants with a total capacity of 420 megawatts were approved, the department said in response to a query. In 2020, there were 165 in the entire year, and a maximum of 59 in the previous three years due to a moratorium as a consequence of a court ruling.

10.000 megawatts as target

"After a turnaround last year, 2021 will be a real peak year for wind power in Schleswig-Holstein", said Minister Jan Philipp Albrecht (Grune). "Despite adverse conditions imposed by the federal government, the most wind turbines are erected in this country in terms of the country’s surface area." This trend will continue. With the imminent commissioning of plants with a total capacity of 1350 megawatts, the country is quickly approaching its expansion targets. The target is 10.000 megawatts of capacity by 2025. Currently 3011 turbines with 6840 megawatts in operation.

According to the German Wind Energy Association and VDMA Power Systems, 39 new wind turbines with a total capacity of 152 megawatts were built in the north in the first half of the year. In 2020 as a whole, there were 35 turbines with a total of 122 megawatts. Schleswig-Holstein’s share of gross new construction nationwide was 16 percent, according to the data. This means fourth place behind Lower Saxony (22 percent), Brandenburg (17 percent) and North Rhine-Westphalia (16 percent).